Project Simple: Life Stories – DAY 7 – Halloween! How fun is it to scrapbook Halloween pictures? VERY! That’s why I was happy to get to this set of pictures – a Halloween Party at my friend Linda’s, and my doggies all dress up, too (of course!). Because my kids are into the scariness of Halloween, finally (no more “cutsie” in this house!), I chose this creepy-fun collection by Echo Park, The Apothecary Emporium http://echoparkpaper.com/collections/apothecary/ ; it’s such a fun set, with lots of embellishments and letters. I have 2 shih-tzu’s (silly little things!), and I dress them up every year and, of course, take pictures (and as you probably guessed, they go trick-or-treating with us, too); Molly (the white one) loves getting her picture taken, so she’s always a good girl when I take her pics. Now, Milo, on the other hand, hates it, so he always looks MAD – hee hee! Anyway, here are the two pages, both done semi-quickly (dog page took a tad longer than usual getting the pics in the right arrangement) and successfully, which is my goal here, right?

The ribbon did not come in the kit; I added that little bit myself.

The black labels are all made with a label maker by K&Company for the SMASH line.

2 more pages down, my productivity is up, I have my whole day left to do everything else I have to do, and I would say this Simple Stories is another huge success in my mission to catch up!  


  1. Phyllis Kapis says:

    :lol: Milo, the quarterback, is absolutely hysterical!

  2. Phyllis Kapis says:

    :smile: Absolutely love your blog! I am forwarding it to some friends and family. Please keep posting.

    • Thank you thank you thank you! You could tell them to subscribe and then they’ll receive a message every time a new one posts. You’re the bestest!

  3. OMG I just love the headless horseman costume…it’s a little freaky to see Nathan holding his own head!!! Ka-reep-eee!!! I also love the picture of Milo as the quarterback….he’s definitely giving you the stink-eye. Looks like your entire family really enjoys a good Hallo-weenie time!

    Keep up the great work Val!!!!!

  4. We always have a wonderful time !!!!!!!! heres to 2012 ‘s party :twisted:

  5. Lori Pfister says:

    You are so talented and motivated!

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