Let’s Get the Copics and Stamps Organized!


Over the past few months, I’ve really been studying and researching storage and organization for some of my crafting supplies – things were getting a little insane, making it hard to focus on my creating! I really liked this quote that I found a long time ago. I don’t remember where I saw it, but I saved it on my hard drive, and it couldn’t be more true!


So, today I’d like to share my latest two feats of organization, and I can attest, it makes a TON of difference to be able to reach for what I think I want and know exactly where to reach!

~~~~Let’s start with the Copic Sketch Markers ~~~~

This is how I was storing them; in a plastic tub, with dividers cut from cardboard boxes, and in an old little box. This was fine, until the collection grew, and I was spending 1 minute searching for each marker I needed (a huge waste of time!) 1471164_10202530123074114_751286226_n

Now, I had been drooling over these storage racks for a LONG time; and when Marker Pop had a 50% sale a couple months ago, I grabbed them immediately:

Crafter's Companion: The Ultimate Pens and Markers Storage (Perfect for Copic & ShinHan)When I received them, I went right to work:


And here we go, all pretty & organized!


 I can honestly say, if you are able to find a great deal like I did, this system has been worth the wait!

~~~~Now let’s move on to my acrylic stamp sets ~~~~

OMG, I had them all over the place; it was insane! They were in all different locations: drawers, flat plastic containers, a cardboard box, and a blue fabric bin. AND, the plastic sleeves they come in, were ripping up, stamps were falling out of their packages, and it was just a MESS!

IMG_2488 IMG_2490 IMG_2492

Crazy, huh?! And then I saw Jennifer McGuire‘s awesome video on how she stores her stamps:

Here’s her blog post about this system, too

Again, I waited until I found a great sale for one site AND had a coupon for the other, and I got what I needed:
InterDesign Fridge Binz Deep Split Bin

This refrigerator storage bin is very lightweight

Avery Elle Stamp Storage Pockets

Most typical clear cling stamp sets fit perfectly in these pockets

Plastic Folders

These are just typical pocket folders I got at Target, and I cut them up for the dividers

  And here’s the final system, all in ONE place, and beautifully organized!: IMG_2493 IMG_2496 IMG_2498 IMG_2499 IMG_2504 I couldn’t be happier with both systems, and now I can focus on creating instead of finding! If you have any questions,please feel free to Comment below, and I will get back to you ASAP! Thanks for stopping by today, and Happy Crafting!